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You4ADay made our Product Launch  Event very special! Your tenacity, professionalism, and perfectionism were clearly reflected on our products. Our sales went up as soon as our clients saw how professional our products & videos were presented. They fell in love with the clear, concise yet colorful message, they received from our product displays. We are truly grateful to have you in our team! Thank you for helping us achieve our goals and keep doing the great work. Your work speaks for itself! We are looking forward to many more adventures with you!!!
Vera's Touch of Beauty

You4ADay takes over all the coordination so you can enjoy your event.
That’s exactly what Grace has delivered for my events: AfroKidVenture and ‘Wine’ about it with Akinyi.Her temperament is perfect for my events especially because my goal has always been to curate experiences that are hard to plan. This allows me to relax and even enjoy the unfolding of what each space brings. Because many of my events have no templates or defined goals, it’s so calming to have someone to lean on; someone that honors incomplete picture that is unfolding.
Y4AD brings a unique magical personality combination from two continents. Her understanding of both worlds gives me confidence in her as my go-to “ME”.

Akinyi Adoyo

Y4AD was amazing,trusting you with everything was the best decision ever

Sylvia M.

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